Tailored solutions for industrial measurement of compressed air and other gases

Gas flow meter
For over 20 years, systec manufactures and sells averaging pitot tubes for industrial gas, steam and liquid flowmetering. The deltaflow pitot tubes are in use for virtually all industrial flow applications: Starting with combustion air, compressed air, natural gas, flue gas, nitrogen, cryogenic gases and many more, the gas flow measurements of systec are used in all industries like power plants, sewage treatment plants, breweries, automotive and commercial vehicle applications, the chemical and petrochemical imdustries, HVAC and many more.

The deltaflowC gas flow meter offers a number of advantges:

  • High precision and huge range of pipes with pipe diameters DN5 .. DN2.000
  • integrated multivariable transmitter for p&T-compensated gas flow
  • untrahigh measurement dynamic for measuring pulsating flows
  • low price compared with other gas mass flow meters
  • insesnitive von condenates and oli debree on the probe surface
  • The deltaflowC gas flow meter offers a number of advantges:

    high pressure gas flow meterdeltaflow steam mass flow meter

    deltaflowC Venturi dp Flow Meter

    In the past 4 years, systec developed probably the smallest and fastest dp-gasflowmeter in the world. On only 1 in² this intelligent sensor includes ultrafast dp-, p- and T-sensors and a performant processor to calculate mass flow and drive the bus-communications. Until now, this product was only used for automotive applications, to measure pulsating airflows to the engine precisely and long term stable. Now we tranferred this development into an industrial design including analogue outputs. The whole flowmeter can be installed and setup within just seconds

    Differential pressure flow meter


    deltaflow - averaging pitot tube for flow metering of steam, gas and liquids

    The deltaflow averaging pitot tube is a cost- and energy efficient flowmeter for gases, liquids and steam.Due to the special probe profile the deltaflow flow measurement can assure the highest level of precision and excellent process liability, even under extreme conditions.


    deltaflow - avering pitot tube

    deltaflow flow meter

    compared with classical primary elements such as venturi, orifice or nozzle, the deltaflow is not only more accurate and reliable but saves also a huge amount of energy. Remembering that a single deltaflow in steam may save several kW of energy, one can imagine that deltaflow is not only saving money but also has an countable positive effect on the energy losses in industrial processes. This is not only econonmic but also reduces the world wide greenhouse effect.